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    Bachelorette Wine Tours

    Bachelorette Wine Tour

    Send your bestie out in style with a private wine tour!  Canadian Craft Tours puts together top wine tours in Victoria, Kelowna, Vancouver, Penticton, Summerland, Nanaimo and West Kelowna.  

    Tips & Guidelines:

    • Designate one person for music on the bus ride
    • Bring snacks! Reminder, you are all drinking and although we feed you snacks are always a fan favourite when on hand
    • Please please please no glitter or feather boas (Our guides have a really hard time getting glitter out of the seats)
    • Expect only 80-90% of the group will actually pay up by the deadline, people get busy and schedules change 
    • Tell the group money is actually due a week before you expect them to pay, this gives you the group organizer a little more time
    • If the guide does not tip the van, please feel free to tip the guide.  You would be surprised how many emails we get around midnight asking if they can send the guide a email money tip
    • Don't forget to pick a theme... We will leave that up to you..
    • Aim for a group of 10+ so you can get a private tour, we do everything we can to separate the bachelorette parties from public groups.  Lets be honest they are looking for different kind of parties

    Kelowna Bachelorette

    We have cider, spirits and craft beer too! If it's what you are into and you are doing a private tour.  Also, ask about our off the beaten path wineries.  If the group is not pre-drinking we can most likely book one of these for your group! You won't forget it.  

    Victoria Bachelorette

    There are two fantastic routes from Victoria so we can start in either the morning or late afternoon.  Choose from either the Cowichan Valley or Saanich Peninsula.  There are even two fantastic cider houses, two distilleries and a bunch of amazing craft breweries along the way.  Let us know if you want us to make changes when booking the tour (Must be booked in advance).

    Vancouver Bachelorette

    Although our regular tour goes to 3 wineries we can add a 4th for about $20/person.  This can be added at the time of deposit.  We also have a cider house out the way we can book ahead of time.  Did we mention we have a Karaoke bus?  It's an hour to and from the wine region from downtown Vancouver, Ask for details..

    Bachelorette Wine Tour